Hula Hut

& The Seven Seas


Hula Hut and the Seven Seas plays Hawaiian music for concert halls, parties, events and private gatherings. We are unique as a live band performing traditional music from the 1920-30s with a focus on the long-lost sounds of the great steel guitar groups, with selections of classics as originally recorded by Sol Hoopii, King Benny Nawahi, Jim and Bob (The Genial Hawaiians) and many others.

The group has been performing throughout Berlin since 2011, and consists of Sebastian Müller (acoustic/electric steel guitar), Patrick Arp (ukelele, flattop acoustic guitar) and Taylor Savvy (parlor acoustic guitar). Yuko Matsuyama sings in the unique Hawaiian ha’i style (and also plays ukelele), and Derek Shirley accompanies on acoustic bass. A fine looking group, we dress in traditional outfits as seen in vintage period photographs.

In 2013 the group enjoyed a long-term engagement in Rouen, France taking part in the Last Chance Cabaret at the 106 venue during “Armada June 2013”, collaborating with Adam Traynor (stage/film director of “Ivory Tower”), Frank Fairfield (old timey 78 guru and musician), Phillipe Beau (shadow puppeteer/magician from Robert LePage’s latest), Chilly Gonzales (pianist/entertainer), and others during the residency. Other highlight gigs have been performing for the Bar 25 Farewell Kater Holzig party (w/Bonaparte), opening night party in Direktorenhaus for Illustrative ’13, the evenings played at the Michelberger Hotel and at club Eschschloraque, and also the flurry of private parties which always tend to bring out the music in a more visceral way. Longtime Berlin mainstay club Cafe Burger told us they had never heard music so strange played in their venue, and for our Gruner Salon show, Yuko performed her parts mainly in the audience for maximum entertainment value! Hula Hut and the Seven Seas were also featured in the soundtrack for “The Snake in the Jar”, a film by Luci Lux.

As musicians, we have played various other forms of music, yet have formed this project to accomodate learning the Hawaiian repertoire as fans of the music. Sebastian toured and recorded as part of Terranova and Lotterboys (club/remix/dancefloor sensations) and continues mixing musical projects for Peaches (queen of electroclash), JC Beck (“Frozen” Hollywood film composer), and Jamie Lidell. Patrick has long been involved in the Berlin indie music scene, touring the globe on keyboards and guitar with Barbara Morgenstern. Taylor Savvy has recorded/toured with various bands including Iggy Pop, Jamie Lidell, Feist, Peaches, Stereo Totale, Bonaparte,and Gonzales. Yuko has garnered many achievements as a performing artist within the fields of dance, theatre, and sound art, including collaborations with the Balhaus Naunystrasse Berlin, Patrick Catani, and Schneider TM. Derek has played in many ensembles within the noise-rock-unknown sounds scene, such as Monno, Vladislav Delay Quartet, Miko Vania, Alessandro Bosetti and Sven Ake Johnasson, bringing his own unique combination of outside/inside harmonic concepts — all perfectly applicable on the bass within a Hawaiian context.

Together we have a confidence and respect for Hawaiian sounds, and as Berliners, enjoy the healing properties of the music as an elixir for modern city life. More sunshine, please!

Hula Hut and the Seven Seas